About Us

Over the past two decades we have been pursuing our passion for antique American Indian art with an emphasis on the Northwest Coast, Eskimo and Inuit cultures.  Along the way we have been privileged to frequent many of the finest museums around the world, tour the basements, meet many of the great museum curators. These curators, authors, and scholars in the field that have helped educate us and offer much priceless advice. This has helped us achieve our dreams of building a collection and inventory worthy of most museums. Our focus is building important collections of a historic nature for both private collectors, corporations and museums. We have a wonderful gallery space in the heart of downtown Vancouver that is available for viewing by appointment only.

Many of you may know us from our eBay seller name “Richmojoe”. We have been selling to our faithful collectors for almost 20 years now and maintained a 100% feedback rating. A testament to our honesty and integrity. Being collectors at heart. we have amassed a true treasure trove of fine and authentic museum quality artifacts mostly from the Pacific Northwest Coast. Alaskan Eskimo and the Canadian arctic regions. Many of the items you about to View have been in the family collection, on display in our house and personally enjoyed and cherished by ourselves and visitors.

These one of a kind objects are full of history, power, and cultural importance. Like a cold heavy argilllte stone carving sculpted by Haida craftsman into a miniature totem monuments resembling ancient statuary of their ancestral villages, or the amazing striking and complex patterns of the basketry vessels created by the women of the Tlingit, Salish, and Makah tribes, we hope you will find something here that entices your senses. Most of our pieces are museum quality, one-of-a-kind Items. selected for their sculptural beauty, rarity and ceremonial importance. Please enjoy and inquire.